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If you love food, and you love the Bible, join Devorah and David Katz of the famous Pat Bamelach bakery as they share recipes connected to the weekly Torah portion. Their creative approach to baking and cooking will feed your body and nourish your soul.
It is impossible to encounter the great personalities of the Bible without seeking to grow spiritually. Through his charm, intellect and warmth, Rabbi Trugman will demonstrate powerful lessons of personal and spiritual growth from the forefathers and mothers.
Political strategist Ruth Lieberman discusses how the return of the People of Israel to their homeland has presented unique challenges and opportunities as the Jewish people learns to rule themselves as a sovereign nation, for the first time in 2,000 years.
Jews believe that when we study Bible, God is speaking to us, and when we pray, we are speaking to our Creator. Jewish singer, songwriter and spiritual mentor, Rabbi Shlomo Katz will share deep insights into the most profound expression of our hearts.
Since the times of the Levites in the Temple, song has been an integral part of Jewish worship. Akiva Gersh will teach a new Hebrew song each week for you to learn how to praise God in the language of the Bible.
The Bible is no simple ancient document with relics from our past, it is the sacred text to unlock our future destiny. Prolific author Rabbi Pinchas Winston shares deep messages from Genesis containing the blueprints for the Messiah and End of Days, from the Jewish perspective.
There is nothing like walking through the Land of Israel with a Bible in your hand. However, Akiva Gersh’s virtual tours of the Promised Land, come real close! Visit the sites and see the Bible come to life with a special adventure each week.
God gave the Bible in the Hebrew language, referred to by Jews as ‘the Holy Tongue.’ Once you learn with Rabbi Elan Adler the depths, mysteries and secrets of Biblical Hebrew, your encounter with the Bible will never be the same.
Sondra Oster Baras, Director of Christian Friends of Israeli Communities, will take you on a journey through Genesis, exploring the selection of the founders of the Jewish nation which lays the foundation for the Promise God made with his chosen people.
Beer Sheva-based educator, Emily Shapiro Katz will guide you on a step-by-step craft project integrated with Bible study, the Hebrew language and Israel education. This class is great for young kids and everyone who is young at heart.

I dearly love all the classes! The notes and visuals are very helpful, they’re well planned and all the instructors are organized. Thank you!

Linda J. McKnight

I love these sessions! They are a dream come true! I am so grateful to each teacher for sharing their Bible knowledge, songs and personal experiences from their hearts! it is such a joy and a privilege to join in these Life giving sessions daily.


Clare Booker

I am receiving so much from these classes; the light is truly being shared in them! I am so thankful. After class there is so much to reflect on. Israel365’s courses have really helped me to seek God’s help in order to change my old perceptions.


Jennifer Barnard

About US



We are living in unique times.

The 20th century saw the establishment of the modern State of Israel, as well as a rise in the number of non-Jews who are interested in learning about Judaism and Israel from an authentic Jewish perspective.

The Israel Bible classes respond to that desire by offering authentic Jewish education to students who are not Jewish.

The Israel Bible is a project of Israel365, founded by Rabbi Tuly Weisz, an Orthodox Jewish rabbi.

All classes are taught by Orthodox Jews from Israel and are designed for those interested in dipping into the wellsprings of Jewish learning.

We ask all non-Jewish students to respect the sensitivities of the Jewish people and refrain from any missionary or proselytizing activities.

We look forward to you joining us and enrolling in our classes to learn Genesis from the Jewish perspective.